The Modern Customer Success PlatformStrategy meets Simplicity

Understand customers. Predict revenue. Prove the value of CS.

Forecast customer revenue. Accurately.

How many customers are at risk? Which customers will grow? How do you know?

Clove lets you easily predict customer risk and opportunity. So CSMs know where to prioritize their effort. All without maintaining complex health scores.

A Clove Success Space showing videos, files, and action lists.

How much does Customer Success matter?

Unlike Sales, the actual dollar-value of Customer Success isn't self evident.

Clove doesn't just help retain and expand customers. It helps you understand and report the impact of CS effort on revenue. Start tracking how much each CSM contributes to the bottom line.

Start proving the value of Customer Success.

Understand any customer in 30-60 seconds.

A customer's story is more than just data. Understand their goals, thier struggles, their success plan, and how the product is delivering value.

Clove gets you up to speed on any customer. Quickly. Without reading through notes and emails. Like when you're about to get on a call. Or when a new CSM takes over an account.

The back-end of Clove showing a customer organization detail page. Uploaded files are visible in the image.

Let Clove be your Customer Success experts.

We totally get it, implementing a new Success solution can feel overwhelming. Luckily, we're experts on getting a modern CS process up an running quickly.

We'll lead the charge on setting up your platform and integrating your tools. And we'll help put together a simple, strategic process for you and your team.

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We want to learn about your customer success goals.

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