About Clove

Clove is all about customer love. Our customer experience platform delivers a cohesive experience through every step of the customer relationship.

Our Values

We believe that a company should put shared values at the center of all decisions and interactions. Values-focused teams create better products that better serve customers. These values are who we are and who we intend to be.

Maintain Humility

We are products of our strengths and weaknesses. We openly acknowledge mistakes to learn and improve. We depend on our teammates to achieve success.

Seek Truth

We value truth more than being right. We continually test our assumptions and adjust to new information.

Sacrifice for Peers in Need

We approach conflict assuming the best intentions. We put our teammates before ourselves to better serve our shared goals.

Let's Talk

We want to learn about your customer experience goals.

Schedule a conversation to talk about your customer experience goals and to see if Clove is a fit for you.