Your CSM team's big ideas. Realized.

Give the best onboarding, renewal, and learning experience to your customers. Without stressing out your CSM team.

Woman letting flying idea light-bulbs out of a box.

How Clove Works

Clove connects your existing software and content into a Customer Hub. You define the process for your customers, and Clove delivers it to them. Clove is designed from the ground-up to be flexible to any company's needs.

What You See

Build success spaces with videos, embedded files, action plans, and more. Target the right users with segmentation and access control.

The back-end of Clove Success Spaces let you lay out the process for your customer.

What Your Customers See

Whether one-to-one or one-to-many, your customers see the spaces and content that you've put together for them.

The finished Success Space as shown to your customers.

How Clove Helps

Drive engagement throughout your implementation process

Modern products require modern implementation. Relevant and personal to the customer. Scalable and efficient for the implementation manager.

Clove lets you quickly setup processes used by segments of your customers, with the ability to customize as needed.

How Clove Tracks

Your customers' engagement with your product and content

Knowledge is the key to success, both for you and your customers. Clove's Analytics Suite reports on a customer's key moments and content engagement.

Not all data is created equal. So, we provide access to raw data in addition to our reports.

Let's Talk

We want to learn about your customer experience goals.

Schedule a conversation to talk about your customer experience goals and to see if Clove is a fit for you.